Newborn Prep Guide
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Hello! Thank you so much for choosing me to document these special family moments in the first few weeks of your baby's life. It is a deep passion of mine to work with these sweet babies and their families. I consider myself so lucky to be around so many cute little faces all the time! My goal is for our time together to be comfortable and an amazing experience for your family. Please read through this guide for easy to follow instructions to prepare for our session.


I will text or call when I arrive to your home. Set-up should take about 20-30 minutes and then we will begin. Please have an area available for me to set-up. I will bring by light, posing table, two storage bins and backdrops. Please have two accessible outlets, my heater and light can not run off the same outlet.

I will bring a small space heater that will keep my area about 75-80 degrees. I come in comfortable clothing for this temperature. (please do not turn up your thermostat!) 

Expect me to be at your home 90 minutes for. Baby may need to eat more often than normal during our session. This is because I am moving them around a little more than they are normally used to. Typically when a newborn is awake, they want to eat. So we will just go with the flow; if baby is acting hungry - I will bring them to you to feed.​ If you can, please have a paci of your preference available. I typically don’t need to use them during a session, but some babies have quite a high suck need and can be fussy when not sucking.

I recommend feeding baby about 20 minutes before our session or while I am setting up. Newborns tend to take a while to eat at each feeding, so take into account that time when you prepare to get ready.  Also try to keep baby awake for an hour or so before our session if you're able to. Don't hesitate if you can't.


Please have baby dressed down to a diaper before handing them to me.


I highly encourage you be part of the session. I recommend a neutral color(white or grey work best). Tank tops for moms photograph great as well. You can pick and choose out of your current closet at home. Much of the family photos will be you connecting with your baby and not looking directly at the camera. I promise this part will be easy!


Moms, I know that after having a baby you may not feel your prettiest. I promise you will absolutely treasure being in the photos with your new baby. I recommend either no nail polish, or a subtle color.

** Please do NOT wear stripes, pinstripes or patterns.


I recommend a neutral palette for clothing (creams, grays, soft colors). For girls, typically a dress or leggings/tank top look great. For boys, typically a grey, blue or beige t-shirt and jeans or jeans and no shirt look great.

My Set-up