Hello! Thank you so much for choosing me to document these special family moments in the first few weeks of your baby's life. It is a deep passion of mine to work with these sweet babies and their families. I consider myself so lucky to be around so many cute little faces all the time! My goal is for our time together to be comfortable and an amazing experience for your family. Please read through this guide for easy to follow instructions to prepare for our session.
The studio will be about 75 degrees for our session. I come in comfortable clothing for this temperature. I recommend you do the same. Expect to be with me at the studio for 2-3 hours. Our session might run close to lunch, so please bring something to snack on. I will have bottled water available for you throughout the session as well.​ Baby may need to eat more often than normal during our session. This is because I am moving them around a little more than they are normally used to. Typically when a newborn is awake, they want to eat. So we will just go with the flow; if baby is acting hungry - I will bring them to you to feed.​ If you can, please bring a paci of your preference to the studio with you. I typically don’t need to use them during a session, but some babies have quite a high suck need and can be fussy when not sucking. 
I recommend feeding baby right before you leave to come to the studio. Newborns tend to take a while to eat at each feeding, so take into account that time when you prepare to get ready to leave.  Also try to keep baby stimulated for an hour or so before you leave. You can do this by undressing them down to a diaper (babies don’t like this usually and might fuss, but that will get them nice and sleepy for our session). You could also do a bath (sponge bath if cord is still attached). Doing these things can help make for a baby that is nice and drowsy to ensure we get those sweet sleepy baby shots. However, if baby needs to sleep, let them sleep. If baby is fussy upon arrival, I will let you top baby off and then we'll begin.

I highly encourage you be part of the session. I recommend a neutral color (beige or black work best). Tank tops for moms photograph great as well. You can pick and choose out of your current closet at home. Much of the family photos will be you connecting with your baby and not looking directly at the camera. I promise this part will be easy!


Moms, I recommend either no nail polish, or a subtle color.

** Please do NOT wear stripes, pinstripes or patterns.


I recommend a neutral palette for clothing (creams, grays, soft colors). For girls, typically a dress or tank top look great. For boys, typically a white t-shirt and jeans or jeans and no shirt look great. 


I always start with family/sibling shots to ensure that I get big bro/sis at their max happiness. Once their portion of the session is over, I recommend that you bring some fun things from home for entertainment. iPad, colors, books, snacks, etc. What has worked for many of my clients, is to bring an extra family member with you and they can take them home after their portion is over - whatever works best for your family! 

During the duration of the session, I do kindly ask that kids stay in the seating area unless being photographed. 

What to bring

Paci, Snacks​, Change of clothes if needed, Baby essentials (diaper bag)

Baby boys: Circumcision care items

Siblings: special food items/entertainment

Proofing & Final Gallery Delivery:


Within 24 hours of your session, you will receive a link to your Proofing Gallery. This is an un-edited, watermarked gallery of all of the best images from your session for you to select your favorite 20 images from.

There is no time limit on when you need to make your selections but most parents opt to make their selections immediately. 

You will notice a discrepancy in the file names of the images. This is because anything that is out of focus, repeats, poor lighting, and poor facial expressions are all removed from the gallery immediately. Basically anything that can't be fixed, isn't shown.


Once you have made your final selections, I will close the gallery and begin editing. My turn for your Final Gallery around time is 7 days.

During the weed I am editing, I will edit one for a sneak peek. This image will be posted on my Facebook business page within 48 hours. I encourage parents to share the post to show friends and family. 

Once I've finished editing your session, I will send you the link and you are free to download, print, and share your images.

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