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Updated: Feb 27

Simple cake smash sessions are a fabulous way to showcase your babies first birthday without all of the excessive props. Simple set-ups are done on a solid backdrop and include minimal props such as a balloon garland, banners or paper poms.

Each cake smash sessions is split into four segments: - Family Portraits - Baby Portraits - Cake Smash

- Bubble/Milk Bath

We'll begin the session with family, sibling and portraits of just your baby. You're welcome to bring an outfit(s) from home for this portion of the photos or you can use an outfit provided by the studio. The family photo will be done on a single, solid backdrop and then portraits of your baby are typically done on one of my wooden backdrops. If there is something specific you'd like, please attach examples on your cake smash questionnaire when booking! :)

After portraits, I'll do a few untouched images of the cake on the cake smash set-up and then your baby can begin smashing. I always do my best to try and get at least one photo of your baby and the cake before it's destroyed but some babies are more eager to eat than others! If your cake has a topper, dowels or anything non-editable, the items will be removed after they begin smashing to avoid any choking hazard. Once your baby has enjoyed their cake, I'll put the cake back into it's original box and you're welcome to take it home, or throw it away.

Once the cake is removed from the set, I'll bring out my gorgeous white claw foot tub for your baby to splash and play in. These area always parents favorite photos as babies love to giggle and splash. Your baby can go commando, in a diaper or I have swim diapers available. The set can get slippery with icing and water so I always encourage babies to sit in the tub. Once your baby is done splashing, I'll have towels available for drying off.

What to bring:

- Snacks your baby loves. just incase your baby doesn't dig right into the cake, we can put some snacks on the back or top of the cake to encourage them to eat

- Sippy cup to help wash down the cake

- 1-2 Outfits from home for family and birthday portraits if desired

Scheduling: I highly recommend scheduling the session for babies happiest time of day (typically within the first 30-60 minutes after nap time).

For booking information on my simple cake smashes, please visit here.

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