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Updated: Aug 19, 2019

This is by far the most requested pose by my newborn parents. It is so simple and perfectly unifies the connection between babies and love. This pose is easily done on the newborn posing table and requires little materials or posing.

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Step 1:

Start with your materials.

- Heart shape prop

- Base blanket

- 2 yrds of four way stretch Jersey Fabric

- 6 Clamps

Step 2: Place you heart shaped prop in the middle of the table. Make sure to leave a gap between the back of the table and the prop so there's no chance of it being unbalanced.

Step 3:

Place your base blanket across the entire table. I use a large, queen size blanket from Walmart folded in half for extra padding.

Step 4:

Place your four way stretch Jersey Fabric directly over the base blanket. You can add more layers if you'd like but for me, three is enough to keep baby comfy and still get the heart shape. The more layers you use, the less shape you'll see.

Step 5.

Use your clamps(metal clamps are proffered) to tightly secure the fabric to your table or beanbag. Make sure there are minimal wrinkles.

Step 5 Set your light accordingly. I like to have the bottom of my umbrella a few inches higher than my table and slightly slanted angled down at baby. You can move your light around to see which shadows match your style best. I will post a BTS shot after my next shoot. ^_^

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